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Two E Minus's Art Collection “Existence” Exhibit in the Art Hill Gallery London, UK

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TWO E MINUS (2eminus) is a creative art group based in San Francisco that collaborative by artists and designers. It focused on the balance between nature and industrial.Aiming to capture the new perceptions through creative technology and create a sustainable and aesthetic methodology, TWO E MINUS transit the beauty and explore the philosophy from nature and mind.

Collection “Existence”


This collection is called “Existence”; create by Wendy Di Wang, our creative designer and digital artist. It is inspired by the experience of our life in the contemporary industrial age and the awe of life.


Everything in our world exists in its own borderless continuity of life. Everything that exists has never gone. They switch forms, from fragile to tenacious, brief to eternity.

We finished this art collection at our own studio in San Francisco in 2020. In the last ten years, we experienced the blooming of the technology industry, and that brings all types of development in this city, in this county, and this world. New buildings have been built every day; the new product has been manufactured every day. Fast consumption has brought a lot of waste and environmental pollution.

Fast consumption has brought a lot of waste and environmental pollution. While enjoying the advantages of the industrial revolution, we are also taking on the artistic scrubbing of large quantities of single products.

In February 2020, COVID 19 started to spread in the city. Nine months later, it still did not stop. We observe the craziness, the sadness, and also the love and kindness. As artists and designers, we instinctively embrace the protection of life and form in the creative process with an extremely gentle and respectful attitude. We go to recycle all kinds of materials abandoned in the industrial age, to explore sustainable crafts, and transform it into a beautiful existence.

The power that is reborn in ruins, the strength shown in the natural or organic combination, is like the earth, like hope, continuing temperature, and balance. We instinctively explore more sustainable materials and techniques in the creative process. In the combination of natural or organic species, seek the balance of beauty, texture, sustainability, and gentleness.

In our eyes, everything that every existent has its own beauty. The circle of life is reincarnation, and nothing should be gone. They have just changed a form and are there in a different way.