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Earring "5000BC-4"  Art Craft Jewelry (Made by order)

Earring "5000BC-4" Art Craft Jewelry (Made by order)

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Beauty and essence, nature and man-made, existence and demise. It is an eternal theme pursued by artists and philosophers.

When we observing the world through a grain of sand, we can see the ever-changing things, and the various forms and beauty derived from it.

Within this thinking of material, art, and creation, we slowly increased the methodology of reincarnation art from zero to two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional, and finally returned to the original state, to express and trigger the resonance.

This unique, sustainable art jewelry that hands made in San Francisco.

Each piece is different due to the organic nature of metal growth and handcraft.

Organic material, ZERO pollution, ZERO waste.

Martierla: 925 Silver, Copper, cement

Dimensions:: 20 mm x 5 mm x 5 mm

Made by order.(1-2 weeks)

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